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Field of receruitment and talent management is going through a notable change. Job advertising internet portals, recruitment companies, print media and recruiters are reconsidering their value proposals. Based on empirical research, we at Prepaird are developing the most comprehensive service tool to inculcate a scientific approach for recruitment and talent management. 

Applicant Tracking system. Vendor Management System. Talent Management System. One powerful platform to rule them all.
SaaS licensing and delivery model. No need for special technical integrations and get started within 15 minutes!
Game changing real time match engine with deep matching capabilities.
User-friendly and easily comprehensible platform.

“When all competence related data (hard and soft skills) are put together and made available, it allows you to make fast and sound decisions that both companies and talents can benefit from. “

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Customizable job profiles
Build simple or complex profiles by using any type of qualifications you might think of such as: Abilities, Skills, Former job title, Experience of industry, Former company/employer, School/University, Educational Degree, Field of Study, Certifications, etc.
Preconfigure qualification parameters
Define qualification and experience needs. Several of the qualification parameters can be preconfigured in order to make the specification phase more fast and smooth.The configured values show up in the autofill section as suggested choices.
Soft skills and personality frameworks
Customize personality needs by integrating our partners online psychometric tests. Tweak the matching engine in real time and emphasize or depreciate certain criteria based on your perceived needs.
Elaborate with your requirements
Elaborate with your requirements whenever you feel you need to find alternative matches. I.e. what would happen with your shortlist if you would emphasize language skills over education.


Customize brand identity
Style all your job ads in your own company identity. You may also style all your departments or your clients if you have a need for it.
Access different talent pools
Choose to match candidates from different talent pools, eg. Internal candidates, external candidates or candidates from a specific team.
Own Jobboard
Create own personalized job boards, publish only to your preferred talent pools or spread your advert via one of our partners. Facebook and LinkedIn compatible. Create specific links to specific jobs or reach the whole world via our partner careerbuilder.
Track and Manage
Track and manage every application as well as measure your recruitment ROI.


Objective and holistic approach
Make safer recruitments by basing your decisions on objective and holistic approach. The more data points you have the better matching point of view. Get predictive insights on personalities as well as technical expertise.
Fully automated dynamic CV’s
Our fully automated system creates dynamic CV’s and keeps them continuously updated. Access information on talent such as complete CV, occupancy/utilization and talent’s professional timeline.
Ensure effective selection of suitable candidates
The ROI for employers and candidates are massive given our approach. Lead time reduction per role/assignment by 80%. Less administration work per role/assignment by 5-10hrs. Improved job fit. Improved Diversity. Improved equality. Higher engagement among candidates and employees. Significant monetary value.
Low entry barrier
Our low entry barrier ensures a super fast process with minimum requirements. Lose no candidate in the initial hookup process. Minimal footprint and fully comprehensive digitalized talent profiles.


Deep matching capability from complex algorithms
Game changing real time matching engine. Easily identify talent with potential based on your requirements and criteria. Prepaird also scores candidates qualifications related to your specifications, not only direct matches.
Compound matching parameters
A vast number of matching parameters including hard skills, years of experience, utilization, performance and personality. Match on talent’s availability under different conditions.
Discover people with soft skills
Prepaird goes beyond just matching talents with positions. From the selected source of talents, our matching engine provides a ranked list of talents matching the job specific assignment and the personality needs.


Comprehensive variance GAP reports
Show GAPs in a standardized yet dynamic way. Use the feedback report for interview purposes or improve candidate experience by giving automatic, immediate and standardized feedback to candidates; saving you time and providing your candidate with a convenient and professional application experience.
Be transparent
Significant enhancements in reporting capability that outperforms manual systems and processes. Be transparent with your candidates based on all your requirements.
Be perceptive
Make your employees feel visible and their strengths noticed.

Prepaird has partnered with Assessio to comprehensively incorporate soft skills such as potential and behaviour into our matching system. Founded in 1954, Assessio is a leading company in the psychometrics field and provides personality tests and data-driven psychology worldwide. With their scientific approach and methods within our structure, we can offer the most reliable and universal aid in choosing coworkers and managers based on experience as well as soft skills and values. The platform offers 4 psychometric tests with various applications and reports in upto 25 languages and hosts a generic competency framework useful for screening, matching, selection and onboarding development. 


Save valuable time and resources with efficient sifting. By coalescing with Cubiks, Prepaird lets you get access to an extensive portfolio of assessments with psychometric tests and aptitude tests which can be tailored to the needs of your organization and specific job roles. By combining diverse knowledge from psychologists, IT developers and HR experts, we can offer you the best practice in talent management solution that is highly realistic and scientifically robust. 


By affiliating with Kattis, we can offer you the possibility to automatically screen and evaluate each applicant’s technical skills with quick and simple coding challenges. This way you can streamline your recruitment process, narrow down your candidates and make safer recruitments by basing your decisions on objective results. 


Measure your recruitment strategy ROI by tracking and managing every application using Broadbean integrated job posting tools. Access the world’s largest network of job boards, free and niche sites as well as social channels and use one platform to multi-post your job advert. With this integration, Prepaird lets you search talent pools, speed up your recruitment process and benefit from comprehensive reports through data analytics that show you the effectiveness of all your sourcing channels, in one central interface. 

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Employing international talent in Sweden? By partnering with Grow International, we are able to offer support for our clients in integrating their international talents by supporting them and their families through helping them adjust to a new culture, learn a new language and establish new social networks. Their support model ensures the assignee and the accompanying family feels welcomed and will enjoy their new home environment. With a full service package post-relocation with extensive coverage, all the needs of your expatriate contracts can be taken care of when it comes to their remotion.