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With Prepaird, match jobs and talents based on competencies. We offer a fast, fact-based, objective and transparent selection process for your recruiting needs.

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

A cloud-based HR platform that helps recruiting professionals manage workflows in all stages of recruiting.

Vendor Management System (VMS)

Connect your consulting companies, partners, or other service providers and evaluate all their resources in the same consistent way.

Talent Management System (TMS)

Optimize your workforce, assemble dynamic teams, map your organization and create an inventory of your Human capital.



“Gain significant ROI by reducing lead time + admin time by 80%, find better job fits, improve diversity, equality, improve employer branding, candidate experience and build better engagement among candidates and managers.

Our tools and services are loved by Recruiting, HR, Procurement and operations managers from wide spectrum of technical to retail industries.”

David Sternhufvud

David Sternhufvud,
CEO, Prepaird

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Configure requirements

Build customizable simple or complex job profiles. Configure hard and soft skill frameworks.

Publish Job Boards

Publish Job Boards

Customize the job board with your brand identity and publish to your preferred talent pools or spread your advert globally.

Improved Candidate Experience

Improved Candidate Experience

CV less application process vastly improves candidate conversion rate. Candidates receive transparent updates on the process as well as clear feedback.

Match Candidates

Match Candidates

With compound matching parameters, identify talent with potential based on your requirements and criteria. Get comprehensive view on performance and personality.

Give Feedback

Give Feedback

Give automatic, immediate and standardized feedback to candidates with a comprehensive variance GAP report.

Make great people Decisions

Make great people Decisions

With a minimal footprint and fully comprehensive digitized profiles, make safer recruitments by basing your decisions on an objective and holistic approach.




Petter Brusling

“Based on the experience we gained since we started using Prepaird, I feel so confident that I (in principle), would like to pick up the best-matched consultant without an interview.”

Petter Brusling, Program manager, Development office, Airborne ISR på SAAB

Viktoria Lundin

“Having a comprehensive overview of both the hard skills and soft skills has made the decision making process really efficient and accurate. The track record has been really really good. There has been a higher engagement among candidates and managers with improved job fits. When the needs of the projects increases rapidly, even if there are 20–25 roles that need to be filled in asap, the recruitment team is confident that the platform will manage it efficiently.”

Viktoria Lundin, Consultant Co-ordinator at Saab, Linköping, Sweden




We work with some of the best experts in the industries of IT developers, Human resources and Psychologists; and thus by combining the diverse knowledge, we can offer you best practices for solutions to build generic competency frameworks, strengthen your employer branding, develop EVP's, help with remotion, expatriate contracts, talent retention and reach out to multiple talent pools on different social channels.

Learn how companies across the globe are using Prepaird solutions to support transformation and build sustainable growth in your organisation.

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